Me in the cap I designed. THESTOMAGUY


Me showing bag off!

Here me showing the bag & how healthy I look.

Confidence does in time get so much better with having a bag on stomach. At times it has got me so low but also made me a much stronger \ mature person.

I have so much planned ahead in the future & with me dealing with ulcerative Colitis & having a stoma I didn’t see no bright future.

But I am over 4 month since my final part surgery & I can finally enjoy life & smash it.

I am out here living my best life..

Dealing with having a Stoma

That day I was told I would be having a bag on my stomach was at the time scary. I was straight away a thinking can anyone see it through clothes? Or can you smell it? Or will it effect my life big time.

Weeks leading up before my surgery I was Lucky on FB groups asking about living with a stoma. Which made me feel really better about having one!

Next day after my operation I just kept looking at the bag & thinking wow this could take me a while getting used having a bag on my stomach. Wasn’t until I changed bag with my stoma nurse that I actually was happy seeing close up what was created.

The changing my bag myself was fine & emptying it I found really easy & was thinking this ain’t even that bad, wasn’t untill I came home from hospital where mentally & physically I struggled.

So coming home in was happy & rested up for a few month & decided at the time I needed a haircut in town. From getting the bus first time since surgery was horrible always checking incase e bag ain’t leaked or are people watching \ staring at me it was such a low point for me! Sweating & just panicking all the time.

Getting my hair cut done & was always on edge thinking please don’t make a noise & again panic was sky high, after that I went straight away on bus home & didn’t wanna go out for weeks! I felt so safe at home & distant myself from everyone including family which I still this day don’t like being around loads people.

Month’s later eventually forcing myself go out everyday it does get better & some can handle it straight away & some struggle but in time it does get better when you go out. If you ever feel like me when you go out places this is some things I do.

  • Earphone’s in & music on when go places
  • Take a family member \ friend out with you
  • If feel anxious just take a sit down \ go for a drink

Nearly 4 months after my rectal stump removal

The first few weeks after surgery was just chilling & resting which I felt good for doing. Every day I was getting better & more energy in myself.

Few weeks into my recovery I had district nurse out for checking my scar & she said it may open up at bottom where my scar ends. So she came back the following day & took some clips out from bottom of scar & it opened up!

So I had get it packed daily down at doctors where it took until few week back where it closed up wooop! Finally can have have baths & move about better.

Today I am feeling the best I have ever felt! Got so much planned but still taking my time. Can get back playing football again & working hard.


So after my first surgery for my Stoma after a year going into 2 years my Rectal stump was playing up. I was constant bleeding & toilet trips with mucus.

I got in touch with my IBD nurse see what can be done where in was offered Enemas or Steroid courses which I said no for steroids as I had my operation ahead in the future.

So I tried Enemas which never worked & decided I shall cope without anything which I was told best thing do when had surgery planned.

My surgery was planned for January 5th but was cancelled as had a infection which I needed sort out. So sorted that out & had my new surgery date for June 13th.

In that time I was waiting I was just keeping myself busy & that day soon come.

So had my pre op a few weeks before the date & it sunk in then what I was actually having done.

So the day has finally arrived!

I was scared but the same time motivated I will beat this. So arrived at the hospital & said bye to the family. Soon as got in the waiting room I was so ready & happy get my life back.

So called through into a side room & waited for my surgeon who came in & sat me down & explained 2 options they could do.

One was remove all stump & close me up or A new surgery where they leave less than 2cm stump left which be stripped down. There was a Surgeon there saying with my Surgeon I would be ideal candidate for this operation. So my surgeon said we see once open up what we do.

So I went into the waiting room where I didn’t have long waiting & was her first one down. Which I feel helps with nerves & can finally get it over with.

The time has come where am getting ready & in my gown on way down into theatre. So I got theatre & waited about 10 mins then was walked into the theatre room I be in..

Going into that room was so many different emotions but again was so motivated for this.

First off I needed sit edge bed with my head bent down toward knee where they put the Needle in my back. A few times later they did it & laid back with mask on & that is all I remember until I wake up in Recovery.


That moment I came home after my month stay at hospital was so nice. That feeling in your own bed & for once a good night sleep which waking up the next morning was brilliant.

My stoma nurse came round most day’s & then was like once a week just keep an eye on things. Every day was better with my bag for me as I was changing it & was in a very good place.

After a week in bed I started every day just walking slowly up the road & seen my Family & get out the house which did men so good.

Finally about 3 weeks after my second surgery my stitches came out which made walking around so easier for me. Soon as they was out was out the door haha.

Christmas Eve was around the corner & I planned with a few mates that we will be going out for the night. As surgery was only in October my mind was in overtime for that night.

Anyways the night came & I felt so normal no pain & looked really nice. So met mates in town & the night started! WOOOP

The feeling if anyone can see bag was not there as obviously after a few drinks you don’t care haha. Every hour I was just like mates nipping toilets just empty bag & make me feel better. But hangover was not good on Christmas day haha.

So months past on & I really noticed my mood swings as horrible & some personal stuff happened which didn’t help & my mind couldn’t get pass can anyone see my bag \ feeling yuck in myself.

I went doctors & back on antidepressants which didn’t help at all. So I had ring up TPS for councilling sessions.

My attitude before my appointment was like this won’t work. So my first appointment come & it went well & let out main things which has effected me. The lovely woman said oh wow you been through it for a young man & come back every Thursday.

So every time it was going very well & different strategies for trying. So I can go back again after my next surgery. The last session I had we made great steps & explained I started my own blog & doing football coaching. It’s been along year or so after my surgery up & down but I will always come back fighting .

Also bring on the future my next surgery & Then smash some goals I wanna achieve.

Me & My bag

Me over a year after my surgery & showing my bag off!

So much difference from the other pic I posted. Amazing a stoma bag has saved my life.

Having a bag ain’t the end but its a new you & embrace it.

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